Global Foodsoft platform

When in 2017 the hosting by about:source ended after ten years, members of food cooperatives of three countries came together to form a global hosting platform. Since January 2024 the tech collectiv rokoli has been operating the platform.


The platform provides the main Foodsoft version, complete with email replies and standard plugins. The web interface supports different languages. There is also a shared database of suppliers for some German and Dutch suppliers (in addition to those managed by your own cooperative).


The total costs for maintaing the platform are shared by all cooperatives. Every cooperative can use up to 5 free Foodsoft user accounts. For each additional Foodsoft user account a fee of 1 € net per month is charged.

Request a new instance

Please read at first our Terms of service before you request a new instance. If you agree to it send an email (in German or English) to with the following information:

  • Name of your foodcoop
  • Short name (for use in the web address)
  • Contact person (name + email address)
  • Fallback contact person (name + email address)
  • Homepage (if any)

It is also possible to customize some settings for your Foodsoft instance.

After we finished to set up your instance you will receive an email with all the details.


If you have a question about using the Foodsoft, you can check the forum if someone already has answered your question. If not just create a new topic. Or maybe the support wiki has what you need already.

In case you have an issue with the global platform, you can send an email to

Helping out

We’re currently looking for people who want to write new documentation for the Foodsoft. Feel free to email either support address.

Shared database

Some suppliers are used by several cooperatives and have automated article updates by means of a shared database. Each food cooperative can make a selection of its articles, and synchronize prices before opening an order. Read more on the wiki.

The following suppliers are available in the shared database:

  • DE - Bio Antakya: organic wholesale retailer. Delivery to allmost all federal states.
  • DE - Naturkost Elkershausen: organic wholesale retailer.
  • DE - Terra Naturkost: organic wholesale retailer.
  • NL - BioRomeo: farmer collective with organic fruits and vegetables from Flevoland.
  • NL - Odin: organic wholesale cooperative for dry foods, cheese and some household goods.

Please note that your Foodcoop needs to be an approved customer by any of these suppliers to place an order.