Foodsoft hosting

So you want to start a food cooperative? Or you’re already part of one, but would like to have an ordering system that supports what you’re doing? Foodsoft is a web-based software package offering a product catalog, ordering, accounting, and job scheduling features.

When you’d like to start using Foodsoft, you can request an instance for your cooperative at one of the hosting providers. Or if you have some technical skills, you can also run it yourself.


People from several food cooperatives in Europe came together to start a global hosting platform for everyone. It is maintained by a few volunteers from different countries, and hosting costs are paid for by (yearly) donations. They’d be happy to welcome you on board.

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In case you’re living in Austria, you’re in good company. Please feel free to contact IG FoodCoops, they’d be happy to invite you in the national community of food cooperatives, and provide Foodsoft hosting.

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Several groups in The Netherlands share a server to run a modified version of Foodsoft (the foodcoop-adam fork). This adds a more user-friendly member ordering interface, online payments, signup, nested article categories, a checkout screen and other improvements. It is based on an older version of Foodsoft though, and doesn’t provide the delivery and task functionality.

While this is currently available, the changes are slowly merged with the global hosting option. Also support is minimal. Please consider the global hosting option instead.



Since Foodsoft is open source, you can always run your own copy. This requires some technical skills, but allows you to make your own tweaks and modifications. And if you need help, the mailing list is always there.

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