Global Foodsoft platform

When in 2017 the hosting by about:source ended after ten years, members of food cooperatives of three countries came together to form a global hosting platform.


The platform provides the main Foodsoft version, complete with email replies and standard plugins. There is also a shared database of suppliers for some German and Dutch suppliers (in addition to those managed by your own cooperative).


The total costs for maintaing the platform, about hundred euro’s per year, are shared by all cooperatives on a donation basis. When bills are due, a mail with request for donations goes out to all groups using the platform. Because we’re with so many, this is only a couple of euro’s per group per year.

Because we don’t have a legal status, we’ve asked Sense.Lab to handle receiving donations. This is a German non-profit involved with several initiatives for a better world. When donating, please use their account details, making sure to mention and your foodcoop name.


If you have a question about using Foodsoft, you can visit the user mailing-list (please search before posting a new message). Or maybe the support wiki has what you need already.

In case you have an issue with the global platform, you can send an email to, where the technical team can help resolve it.

Helping out

The global platform is maintained by volunteers from different cooperatives. If you would like to help out, please contact!

We’re currently looking for people who want to write new documentation for Foodsoft. Feel free to email either support address.

Shared database

Some suppliers are used by several cooperatives and have automated article updates by means of a shared database. Each food cooperative can make a selection of its articles, and synchronize prices before opening an order. Read more on the wiki.

The following suppliers are available in the shared database:

  • DE - Terra Naturkost: organic wholesale retailer.
  • NL - De Nieuwe Band: organic wholesale cooperative for dry foods, cheese and some household goods.
  • NL - BioRomeo: farmer collective with organic fruits and vegetables from Flevoland.